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Not to bad

This isn’t to bad, I’ll get it back…


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Finally getting back to me

Well after one hell of a year including chemo, double mastectomy and reconstruction, i am finally getting back to me.  Here are some cupcakes i did to ease back into things.


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Cupcakes for my chemo nurses

Here are some cupcakes I baked for my chemo nurses. They are birthday themed cause my birthday is saturday



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Cake Sundae’s!!!!



Just some things I threw together.  Cake Sundae’s.  Chocolate, vanilla and Strawberry!!!

20140715_192742 20140715_192755 20140715_193000 IMG_20140716_103139

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I want an Easter egg…

Here are some rice crispy treat easter eggs.  Not all the way done, but it’s a start.  Tomorrow cupcakes


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My son’s 12th Birthday Cake

This is my son’s 12th birthday cake.  I need to work on my fondant skills.  This is a show from Japan that my son watches.  He did the work on the side.  2014 I’m going to work on my skills as a decorator.  He likes it so that’s all that counts.


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Adult Thanksgiving Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey cupcakes

Here are some Jack Daniels honey whiskey cupcakes.  I found the recipe on FB Here is the link  These are yummy looking

JD cupcakes

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Thanksgiving Turkey’s and Pumpkins

Here are some treats I made for the people at work.  My tip kept clogging up so my icing job was not up to par.  I was pretty bummed out.  My airbrushing skills need some work but I’m ok with that.  It was a spare of the moment project for today.

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Halloween Allergen Free Chocolate Cake

Here is the start of an allergen free chocolate cake for my son’s party tomorrow.  It smells yummy!!!

Halloween Cake 2013

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Easter cupcakes

Just threw together some cupcakes for the family

easter 2 easter 1

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